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About Us

Who we are

This is a Mexican business dedicated since day one, over thirty years ago, to the design and fabrication of the highest and finest quality in wooden furniture.

Our style has been evolving throughout the time, which we can see in our exclusive new productions, they represent our latest innovations based in comfort, versatility and function, characteristics that give a high standard to the product.

Fábrica Madecor

We consider our variety of work
as unique, classy, and distinguished.


... A family business

Madecor was founded by Don Roberto Hernandez Rendon, who was known for his excellent English style building wooden furniture.

His work become more and more known over the years inside this industry in Puebla city, thanks to his one of a kind design and quality of fabrication.

Until today, Madecor, keeps the family business with a history of more than 50 years of experience and one the leaders in the things we do.


With our clients being the first thing always on our minds, we used wood product of high quality, ironworks with the best kind of technology, the latest designs in wallpapers, and finishes that are considered a mark from us.

Our different programs of innovation (such as CNC machine allows the precision in different operations), and departments focusing on the best designs and trends that bring the opportunity of a continuous growth and increasing our operational capacity, gaining more national and international clients.

Sillas Blancas Madecor
  • Madera de alta calidad

    quality wood

  • Herrajes avanzados


  • Tapices de últimas tendencias

    Tapestries of
    latest trends

  • Innovación Tecnológica


  • Departamentos diseño y desarrollo

    Design and development


To be a competitive business inside the wooden furniture industry, satisfying our clients needs with the latest trends and design innovations.


To be a leader business and known for our high capacity for the fabrication of furniture with an exclusive style.


Comet Business System (CBS)

COMET, the Culture we live by. It also describes our shared values and how we manage our processes, the methods and tools we use to constantly improve.

  • Commitment and passion
  • Pursuit of continuous improvement
  • Empowerment and Self Responsibility
  • Integrity, Respect and Trust
  • Team spirit

A guarantee
of quality

We are committed to our clients, always using the highest quality materials, complying with current requirements and regulations. Always seeking excellence in our products and processes that adopt a gradual approach to our quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015 and its objectives, through continuous improvement, these allow us to give our customers the guarantee of our products. and services, in addition to being exclusive, are also resistant, durable, manufactured with cutting-edge machinery and highly qualified skilled personnel.

This guarantee of quality has allowed us to place our lines in the most respected retail establishments, not only in our own country, but also in the United States of America.

Garantía de Calidad Madecor

Values and

1) Discipline:

Put all strength in every task that I must get efficient results.

2) Teamwork:

Achieving the development of our company and recognize the daily labor.

3) Responsibility:

Recognize and accept the consequences of our acts.

4) Proactivity:

Go ahead from the clients’ expectations, through a profound knowledge of the needs in collaboration with our suppliers.

5) Trust:

Generating intact relationships.

6) Tolerance:

Hear and respect everyone’s ideas knowing how to defend with respect and arguments your own.